June 27, 2017

Eating Raoul.

Review #955: Eating Raoul.

Paul Bartel (Paul Bland), Mary Woronov (Mary Bland), Robert Beltran (Raoul Mendoza), Susan Saiger (Doris the Dominatrix/Nurse Sally Cummings), Lynn Hobart (Lady Customer), Richard Paul (Mr. Cray - Liquor Store Owner), Mark Woods (Hold-up Man), and John Shearin (Mr. Baker) Directed by Paul Bartel.

I admit that there is something undeniably appealing about black comedies, where if the material is handled and executed with the right kind of care or style, it can make for a good time. With a film as offbeat and as clever as this, this is a fairly satisfactory movie because of how it is with its tone and pace. Its manner of fact manner (with regards to the subject matter) and the chemistry of Bartel and Woronov stands out the most; they just have an easy connection with each other that doesn't come off as mismatched or out of place. Beltran is a welcome contrast between these two, being a good wedge, even if he probably should have had more screen-time. The supporting cast is fairly decent in being decadent for when the movie requires it, such as Saiger. The nonchalance about the dark things that are shown through the movie does not overstay its welcome nor become too grotesque. I wish the film was a bit longer, though, as it only lasts 83 minutes; if the film had spent more time with the mayhem, I think it would've probably been just a bit better. It at least has some decent satirical moments. The film is at the very least enjoyably wild enough to deserve a viewing or two, owing to how it shines as an independent film, being subtle and broad in the places that matter most, with a title that certainly lives up exactly to what it sounds like.

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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