November 29, 2016

The Long, Long Trailer.

Review #878: The Long, Long Trailer.

Lucille Ball (Tacy Bolton-Collini), Desi Arnaz (Nicholas 'Nicky' Collini), Marjorie Main (Mrs. Hittaway), Keenan Wynn (Policeman), Gladys Hurlbut (Mrs. Bolton), Moroni Olsen (Mr. Tewitt), Bert Freed (Foreman), and Madge Blake (Aunt Anastacia) Directed by Vincente Minnelli (#405 - The Reluctant Debutante, #510 - Father of the Bride, and #620 - Lust for Life)

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of I Love Lucy. If you've known me over the years I've done this show, you are aware that I tend to veer towards older movies (in fact, 510 (including this one) of the films reviewed by me were before 1990), but Lucy was never one of my go-to shows growing up, though I know of its reputation and of its long lasting length as reruns on television. The Long, Long Trailer was one of only three films released during the time it was on (with The Magic Carpet and Forever, Darling being the other films), and the story goes that MGM believed the film wouldn't be much of a success because of the fact audiences could see the duo on TV. However, the film turned out to be a success, in part due to the slapstick that is (somewhat) endearing to me and no doubt endearing to the audiences of the time as well. There is something about the movie that manages to feel so real, with location shots (such as Yosemite), and adequate enough timing without being too canned. The part with the rocks inside the trailer is one highlight for me, in part due to the timing of the right moment of when everything culminates. The other cast members are pretty decent, though it really is all about
Ball and Arnaz, whose chemistry helps the movie out. The trailer is an interesting set in it of itself, and it certainly is sizable enough to contribute to some fine gags. As a whole, it's a decent little movie that is endearing enough for at least one watch. It's not a hallmark of comedy by any means, but it is at least entertaining.

Overall, I give it 7 out of 10 stars.

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