November 4, 2016

Hot Water.

Review #864: Hot Water.

Harold Lloyd (Hubby), Jobyna Ralston (Wifey), Josephine Crowell (Her Mother), Charles Stevenson (Her Big Brother), and Mickey McBan (Her Little Brother) Directed by Fred C. Newmeyer (#667 - The Freshman, #674 - Grandma's Boy, #758 - Safety Last!) and Sam Taylor (The Freshman, #727 - For Heaven's Sake, Safety Last!)

The last time I did a Harold Lloyd film was last November, and I figured that it was time once again, with around 20 days to Thanksgiving and such. This time around (in his 7th feature film) is an episodic kind of film, with three parts merged into one feature, as opposed to the plot driven Lloyd films (like Safety Last!, for example). The first part (involving him winning a turkey in a raffle and the ensuing ride home) is pretty well done, with the turkey naturally playing a good part in some fine gags. The second part (about Lloyd and some of the extended in law family going on a ride in a new car) is also well done. One moment that was pretty quirky was when the mother-in-law starts crying (because her wedding gift was broken - by an annoying little kid, naturally) and Lloyd consoles her by kissing her on the cheek...via a dog, of course. I do like that one of the inter titles talks about how the couple will soon have a new car to themselves...after 59 payments, of course. Naturally this was made in a time where neck ties were important to wear (I myself wear two ties), which leads to a fine little gag when he puts one on when driving. The gags are fun to watch as usual, with Lloyd being a good every-man. The last part (involving the mother-in-law sleepwalking around the house) is pretty funny with all of the misunderstandings by Lloyd, with a chase scene in the middle of a wind storm at his house. His hair even goes up near the end, which is a charming little shot. The movie itself is quick at 60 minutes, and if one is looking for a Lloyd film, this would fit the bill nicely.

So there was a baseball team that won the World Series on Wednesday (November 2nd), from Chicago. Must've been the White Sox. (Ha!) 
Congratulations to the Cubs, who I first referenced in my Sharknado (#625) review (back in 2014, when talking about the fact that the film was made meaning the Cubs would win in my lifetime...with a footnote saying I could live to be 100.), and now they finally did it. Strange year, this is. 

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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