September 25, 2016

Stormy Weather (1943).

Review #841: Stormy Weather.

Lena Horne (Selina Rogers), Bill Robinson (Bill Williamson), Cab Calloway and His Band, Katherine Dunham and Her Troupe, Fats Waller, The Nicholas Brothers (Fayand & Harold Nicholas), Dooley Wilson (Gabe Tucker), and Ada Brown (Singer) Directed by Andrew L. Stone.

Stormy Weather is a showcase of numerous African American performers of the time, while also having some sort of story based on Bill "Bojangles" Robinson's life, with this being his last film before his death in 1949. There are twenty musical numbers (such as "Ain't Misbehaving", "Jumpin' Jive", and "Stormy Weather") throughout the movie, and they certainly are wonderful, with a good deal of rhythm and plenty of entertainment in only 78 minutes. Seeing all of the dancing and the performing is certainly one to behold. Waller, Calloway and The Nicholas Brothers are key highlights, alongside Horne. story isn't much to heap too much praise on, but it is serviceable enough. Obviously if you like movies that showcase music that makes you want to tap your feet (or hands), this one is perfect for you. It's a movie full of charm, with a taste suitable for all ages.

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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