August 19, 2016


Review #832: Kronos.

Jeff Morrow (Dr. Leslie Gaskell), Barbara Lawrence (Vera Hunter), John Emery (Dr. Hubbell Eliot), George O'Hanlon (Dr. Arnold Culver), Morris Ankrum (Dr. Albert Stern), Kenneth Alton (McCrary - The Pickup Driver), John Parrish (Gen. Perry), Jose Gonzales-Gonzales (Manuel Ramirez), and Richard Harrison (Pilot) Directed by Kurt Neumann (#618 - Rocketship X-M and #710 - The Fly)

This was made on a low budget of less than $200,000 in less than a month by Regal Films, which was distributed by 20th Century Fox. Kronos is certainly an interesting sci-fi flick, with the big villain being a giant robotic accumulator that tries to absorb all the energy of Earth. This is the stuff that comic book plots are made of, but there really is something interesting about a giant battery attacking the Earth that is nicknamed "Kronos". It's not a movie with a giant mutated monster, or even aliens shown on screen, which sure is interesting for the time. The special effects are pretty good for the time. Sometimes the aerial shots look a bit hokey (such as when a helicopter lands on Kronos, or when it departs), but it's nothing too laughable. The shots where it moves are pretty special, though the sound effects it makes when firing is a bit silly. The cast is somewhat interesting, with Morrow and Lawrence having a decent amount of chemistry. Emery is pretty interesting to watch. There's no real traces of over dramatic acting nor cheese, falling in a standard but acceptable realm for most. This is a pretty little hidden gem that serves its purpose at 78 minutes that one can have fun with.

Unrelated to the review, but my heart goes out to those affected by the ongoing floods in Louisiana and the wildfire in California. It breaks my heart seeing people suffer like this, and I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through. Good luck to all of you.

Overall, I give it 7 out of 10 stars.

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