July 16, 2016

Where the Boys Are.

Review #822: Where the Boys Are.

Dolores Hart (Merritt Andrews), Paula Prentiss (Tuggle Carpenter), Yvette Mimieux (Melanie Tolman), Connie Francis (Angie), George Hamilton (Ryder Smith), Jim Hutton (TV Thompson), Rory Harrity (Franklin), Frank Gorshin (Basil), Chill Wills (Police Captain), and Barbara Nichols (Lola Fandango) Directed by Henry Levin.

Where the Boys Are is a movie that is moderately entertaining while also handling its plot threads fairly enough. Hart is a fine lead, managing to have chemistry with the others in the cast, especially Hamilton, and their scenes (the first starting with the latter marking a ? mark in the sand) are nice enough. As for the other three leads, Prentiss is alright, with her scenes (especially with Hutton) being relatively fine; Francis, while not given too much to do is at least okay, and she even sings the title song; Mimieux is fine, with she doing well in the climax that certainly surprises but also feels realistic, as shocking as it is. From his first scene (mentioned above), Hamilton has a certain type of watch ability that never really wavers. Hutton is goofy at times, but he is certainly is likable enough. There is at least some humor in it, with one scene involving somebody getting into a water tank, which as it goes on gets to be pretty amusing. It's not exactly anything great, but it is a nifty 60's movie that has enough beach and a semblance of decently crafted plot to be fairly entertaining.

Overall, I give it 7 out of 10 stars.

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