July 29, 2016

Talk About a Stranger.

Review #824: Talk About a Stranger.

George Murphy (Robert Fontaine Sr), Nancy Davis (Marge Fontaine), Billy Gray (Robert 'Bud' Fontaine Jr.), Lewis Stone (William J. Wardlaw), Kurt Kasznar (Dr. Paul Mahler, aka Matlock), and Anna Glomb (Camille Wardlaw) Directed by David Bradley.

I suppose you could classify this as a film noir. There are some shots in the film that are noteworthy to watch, but on the whole it is at best an okay movie. Gray is the main one the movie focuses on, and while at times he does okay at showing anguish, the rest of the time he comes off as either annoying or mean spirited, but then again this is a child actor we're talking about. There really isn't any mystery to it, coming off as a slog even at 65 minutes. I guess the lesson one could learn is how people aren't always what they appear to be (which you could learn in a book from fifth grade), but I think a better one would be to not go on a vendetta type of investigation and vandalize people's stuff just because you don't like them. The movie could be summarized like this: Mysterious guy moves into town. Kid's dog dies soon after. Vendetta investigation ensues. Kid finds his dog wasn't murdered. The end. Obviously there's a part about trying to keep the citrus from freezing, but it isn't much to talk about (also: while one could summarize almost any movie with a few sentences, I'm trying to demonstrate why I didn't particularly care for this film). There isn't much in terms of mystery (compelling mystery, anyway), or much of a lively cast (Murphy and Davis are manageable, but not given much to do), but if you're looking for a 50's film, I guess it works, though I could not get into it.

Overall, I give it 6 out of 10 stars.

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