May 27, 2016

The Navigator.

Review #805: The Navigator.

Buster Keaton (Rollo Treadway), Kathryn McGuire (Betsy O'Brien), Frederick Vroom (John O'Brien), Clarence Burton (Spy), and H.N. Clugston (Spy) Directed by Buster Keaton (#757 - Seven Chances and #762 - College) and Donald Crisp.

It's fun to cover another Keaton movie because it is always nice to see the deadpan humor alongside stunt work by Keaton himself, complete with sight gags and a reasonable amount of pacing. The Navigator doesn't have many cast members, but the dynamic between Keaton and McGuire works just fine. It's entertaining seeing the two of them try to run a ship without servants nor anyone else to help; at one point they even fly the flag signaling quarantine, while trying to lower a boat to the water. Speaking of which, the aquatic scenes are well done, with Keaton being a master even under a heavy suit. The ship itself is a good setting, and it is used well, with several gags (such as when they try to make food) utilizing the ship to good capacity. It's interesting how the movie seemingly feels relevant today; sure, people don't go on ships as much as they used to, but there is a certain feeling of watching people try to use technology (of any kind) and either dealing with it or taking time to find ways to use it right. The movie moves at a fine pace, not languishing while on the ship; at 59 minutes, it is a treat for anyone.

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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