May 22, 2016

Mission: Impossible.

Review #801: Mission: Impossible.

Tom Cruise (Ethan Hunt), Jon Voight (Jim Phelps), Emmanuelle Béart (Claire Phelps), Henry Czerny (Eugene Kittridge), Jean Reno (Franz Krieger), Ving Rhames (Luther Stickell), Vanessa Redgrave (Max), Kristin Scott Thomas (Sarah Davies), and Emilio Estevez (Jack Harmon) Directed by Brian De Palma.

Today is the 20th anniversary of the release of this film, and I decided to honor that by reviewing it, since it has been a while since I actually watched one of the five films (#128 - Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol). While I will admit I have never watched the television series Mission: Impossible, I went into the movie with the expectation of watching something that would at least be entertaining, not necessarily going into it expecting a completely loyal version of the show. As it turned out, that was probably the right idea, because the original cast did not exactly have a positive reaction to the movie, and Peter Graves (the original Jim Phelps) rejected the offer to play the role again. With all that in mind, the movie was still pretty good for me. Cruise does an excellent job, seeming very comfortable in the role, with his action scenes (and stunt-work) being enjoyable to watch. Voight, while not exactly up to Cruise's strength, is at least a capable villain, with at least some sort of motivation (honestly though I think I would probably take up a hobby instead of well, doing an elaborate ruse). Béart doesn't get much to do, but she is at least decent. My favorites are Rhames and Redgrave, with the former being cool to watch who works well with Cruise, and the latter being an interesting character who's not necessarily a villain, just a middle-man in all of this. The action is well done, being entertaining along with feeling real enough. The movie's story seems destined to try and twist itself almost too much, but it manages to come off as serviceable, with enough spy elements to make for what is at least a fine experience that has spawned four sequels in the 20 years that have passed since this movie's release

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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