March 7, 2016

Hot Pursuit.

Review #783: Hot Pursuit.

Reese Witherspoon (Cooper), Sofía Vergara (Daniella Riva), Matthew Del Negro (Detective Hauser), Michael Mosley (Detective Dixon), Robert Kazinsky (Randy), Richard T. Jones (Detective Jackson), Joaquín Cosio (Vicente Cortez), John Carroll Lynch (Captain Emmett), and Jim Gaffigan (Red) Directed by Anne Fletcher.

Watching this movie is like microwaving a dried out hot pocket near its expiration date: it will either make for a modestly enjoyable experience that you'll forget about conveniently later...or it'll just come off as a stale experience that you'll forget about conveniently later. In my case, this falls in the latter, but what was I expecting? It's difficult to come up with elements to get aggravated about, mostly because there are far better (or worse) movies to talk about. The movie is as cookie-cutter as it gets, with jokes that would be funny if they made sense. The characters/acting are nothing special, feeling like cliches of established cliches, and of course the duo is all bickering at first, but not as much at the end...I suppose. Witherspoon and Vegara never seem at all comfortable together, and any chemistry they could've had is weighed down by tedious plot device that make the movie seem more detailed than it really is. The comedy is not entirely obnoxious, but it just feels so bland that nearly any pairing could be in this "buddy film" without any changes to the plot. Near the end, I wonder if this would've worked better (or at least not as bland) as a drama...probably not. Let's do a little game:
I wish my mind could convince me that my friends care about me and not just merely tolerate me.
If you think there's a joke about Witherspoon looking like a little kid (because 5'1 people are so short), collect 10 points.
If you think there's a joke about Vergara being described as 45-50 years old on TV bullitens, collect 10 points.
If you think the movie is less than 90 minutes, collect 10 points.
If you think this game is an unnecessary exercise in trying to escape having to describe the movie in detail, collect 1,000 points.
While I like doing these reviews, I have a lack of energy to actually review, especially now. Sorry.
If you have 30 points, you either watched one trailer for it, or you flat out used conventional sense.
If you have 1,030 are beyond correct. If you want to see a buddy film, literally google to see if there are other picks. If after exhausting all your options and stuck with no one around to watch it with (or stop you)...go to sleep. Or fix your film shelf. Or try and reach out to friends.
Yea, like that last one will ever happen. Seriously, I watch most of these films alone.
Overall, I give it 4 out of 10 stars.

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