March 16, 2016

10 Cloverfield Lane.

Review #784: 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Michelle), John Goodman (Howard Stambler), and John Gallagher, Jr. (Emmett DeWitt) Directed by Dan Trachtenberg.

Once again, I'm back at the theater, and it figures I do it on the one day with a discount for tickets. The end credits for the movie lists eight people for the cast, with three of them being our main cast and the other five being (very) minor roles. The movie mostly takes place within a bunker, and the enclosed nature of the movie works really well, with the biggest strength being its cast, and for good reason. Winstead is interesting to watch interact with everything that happens around her, but she also is a capable heroine, which is nice. Gallagher is certainly not a bad part of this cast, and he does contribute to making the movie bit of humor without being annoying. The big highlight is John Goodman, mainly because of how effective he is in a thriller that relies on tension and fear, which all the cast succeeds at doing. It can be fun to watch at one moment and then turn dark another moment, with the movie getting better and better as it progresses. None of the characters are annoying in their motivations, nor inherently unlikable, which is also a plus. Even without the Cloverfield labeling (I'll get to the other Cloverfield soon), it works well on its own. The climax of the movie is a bit of a departure from the thriller aspects, but it does manage to make the movie keep its good footing going. Admittedly, the ending does leave room for a sequel, which I wouldn't mind because I'd like to see what other stories could be told, and that is the last sign a movie did its job.

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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