February 7, 2016

The Longest Yard (1974).

Review #778: The Longest Yard.

Burt Reynolds (Paul "Wrecking" Crewe), Eddie Albert (Warden Rudolph Hazen), Ed Lauter (Captain Wilhelm Knauer), Michael Conrad (Nate Scarborough), James Hampton (Caretaker), Harry Caesar ("Granny" Granville), John Steadman (Pop), Charles Tyner (Unger), Mike Henry (Rasmussen), Jim Nicholson (Ice Man), Bernadette Peters (Miss Toot), Pepper Martin (Shop steward), Robert Tessier (Connie Shokner), Richard Kiel (Samson), Anitra Ford (Melissa), and Ray Nitschke (Bogdanski) Directed by Robert Aldrich (#105- What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?)

Yes, I'm aware of the timing to be back. In any case, The Longest Yard is a movie I had wanted to review, but I only had recently got the chance to finally watch the film, and what better way to do it on Sunday? In any case, The Longest Yard has a gallery of characters that generate a good deal of laughs, especially Reynolds, who seems to be perfectly at home with this character, filled with that expressionist grin. It's a movie that pulls all the punches, having a good deal of fun, with its own edge of football violence that anyone can associate with the sport. One of my favorite scenes is where Reynolds and another inmate exchange pleasantries (if you'd call it that) of stacking mud onto their pants, with the two getting into a mud-fight. Somehow, seeing the Captain coming out of the car gets them all laughing (even the guards laugh), and I can't help but crack up at everybody having a good laugh in the middle of a swamp. I do love the introduction to the football game, complete with split images of multiple shots. This is a movie for anyone looking for a good time with Burt Reynolds and a bunch of inmates who while being pretty criminal (including at least one murderer), are at least interesting to watch try to play some football, which is fine by me. It's a brutal film, but it is a movie that knows what its doing, and it knows how to make you laugh.

Football players in this movie (because why not?): Joe Kapp, Ray Nitschke, Mike Henry, Pervis Atkins, Ernie Wheelwright and Ray Ogden.

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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