December 15, 2015

The Skydivers.

Review #767: The Skydivers.

Kevin Casey (Beth Rowe), Eric Tomlin (Joe Moss), Anthony Cardoza (Harry Rowe), Marcia Knight (Suzy Belmont), Bob Carrano (Bob), Michael Rae (Red), Jerry Mann (Bernie), Keith Walton (Jim the Photographer), Paul Francis (Pete), Titus Moede (Frankie Bonner), and Harold Saunders (Mr. Morgan) Directed by Coleman Francis (#744 - The Beast of Yucca Flats)

It make sense the movie (also known as Fiend from Half Moon Bay and Panic at Half Moon Bay) is in black and white - it correlates with the lack of life in the movie. On the one hand, it could be argued it is less terrible than Beast of Yucca Flats...but that doesn't make it a film even remotely worth watching. Part of the problem is the lack of enthusiasm in the cast. You'll find more excitement in playing with an old View-Master. The skydiving scenes make me wonder how actual skydiving is, because it can't be as meaningless-looking as this film makes it seem to be. Nothing about this movie looks appealing because nothing in this movie looks like a movie that should even be made. One "positive" thing about the movie is that at least there is no narration to explain the plot. Of course the hokey soap-opera type plot nearly sucks out any "positive" result (by the way, was putting acid on a parachute a thing back in the day?). The movie lasts about 75 minutes, but I can't recommend the movie even with a length like that because there are quite literally dozens of films that last shorter and are better than this. Naturally, this was a film covered by MST3K, and I imagine that version is better than the actual film. The Skydivers manages to be "better" than The Beast of Yucca Flats by about an inch, but neither are particularly watchable. You can do better things with your time, like fiddling with your phone, doing household chores, reading past Movie Night reviews (wink wink), or learning how to actually skydive.

Notes: Apologies on forgetting to list the director on last night's review of "The Toll of the Sea", whose name was Charles M. Franklin.

Also, I got my final grades for my first semester of college. All A's.
I'll review Red Zone Cuba in 2016, BTW.
Overall, I give it 1 out of 10 stars.

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