December 20, 2015


Review #770: Galaxina.

Stephen Macht (Sgt. Thor), Avery Schreiber (Captain Cornelius Butt), J. D. Hinton (Buzz), Dorothy Stratten (Galaxina), Lionel Mark Smith (Maurice), Tad Horino (Sam Wo), Ronald J. Knight (Ordric), Percy Rodrigues (Ordric's voice), Herb Kaplowitz (Rock Eater / Kitty / Ugly Alien Woman), and Nancy McCauley (Elexia) Directed by William Sachs.

It only makes sense that a movie that homages/parodies sci-fi films like Star Wars (#113), Star Trek (#515), and Alien (#530) gets covered here. The movie was released two months before Dorothy Stratten was killed, and this was her only starring role. Her presence (aside from being the namesake of the movie) involves not speaking for about half the movie, which is a shame because the other cast isn't exactly exciting. Galaxina is a parody made from a 3 cent crackerjack box, rife with cheesy effects and cheesy acting that makes for a movie that thinks its more funny than it really is. None of the characters/actors are particularly interesting to watch, feeling like low-rent actors you would hire for a film project. The low-budget quality of the movie neither helps nor hurts the movie because you really could make the movie on any budget/effects and still have the same effect of not quite up to par jokes that make the movie feel like an eternity at 95 minutes. It's a movie that know it's a cheesy parody of other, better movies, with an R rating to make it seem "edgy"...or because it wouldn't be any funnier/less funnier rated PG (This was back before PG-13 was created). If you're in the mood for something fun with tinges (or rips) of sci-fi films...I'd recommend Starcrash (#755). Even if you want a parody from 1980, I'd recommend Airplane! (#664), released a month after this film that actually works.

In case you are wondering, yes it is indeed the 5th Anniversary of Movie Night. It's funny, I didn't really intend for this to last as long as it has, in the *calculates* 1,826 days of life. The reviews (I'd like to think) have managed to get better with time (especially with grammar), and while the rate of publishing reviews has decreased (from 082 in Season 1, 230 in Season 2, 202 in Season 3, 172 in Season 4, and 84 in the current Season 5. In fact, it wasn't until Season 3 when I moved the end date from around the anniversary to the end of the year.), I hope you've enjoyed the reviews. I'll try to keep 'em coming.

Overall, I give it 5 out of 10 stars.

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