October 3, 2015


Review #740: Himmelskibet.

Gunnar Tolnæs (Avanti Planetaros - Captain of the Space Ship), Zanny Petersen (Corona, Avanti's Sister), Nicolai Neiiendam (Professor Planetaros, Astronomer), Alf Blütecher (Dr. Krafft, Avanti's Friend), Svend Kornbeck (David Dane, American), Philip Bech (Martian leader - Wise Man), Lilly Jacobson (Marya, Martian Leader's Daughter), and Frederik Jacobsen (Professor Dubius) Directed by Holger-Madsen.

In the near five years since I've done this show, I hadn't reviewed a film from Denmark. Of course I've only did 4 movies from the 1910's to being with, so let me make both statements less true with Himmelskibet, also known as A Trip to Mars. It is interesting to review a science-fiction film released 97 years ago, especially with regards to the sets and the effects. Even though the movie is older than I am, it's not hard to appreciate the effort, and I wonder how it must have been to think up an idea for a movie about going to Mars, especially with an airship named Excelsior. Even the names of these characters are interesting to read. The actors seem to move and gesture themselves a great deal, which to me reminds me that silent movies are certainly interesting to discuss, because they can either have their actors show little with their hands while using their emotions, or use little to no title cards to explain the story. The movie's pacifist theme is interesting to note given the time this was made (released during the final year of World War I), and it certainly gives the movie an interesting goal, which it achieves. It's an interesting relic into the film-making back in an age way before we even traveled out into the stars.

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Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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