October 25, 2015


Review #751: Eegah.

Arch Hall Jr. (Tom Nelson), Marilyn Manning (Roxy Miller), Richard Kiel (Eegah), Arch Hall Sr. (Robert Miller), Clay Stearns (Band Member), Bob Davis (George), Deke Richards (Band Member), and Ron Shane (Detective) Directed by Arch Hall Sr.

Woefully generic. Hopelessly stupid. Prehistoric drudgery. We could all come up with two (or one) word descriptions for this movie, but it's best said that this movie is what it is: Bad. The movie was intended as a starring vehicle for Arch Hall Jr, while also featuring some songs written by his father, who wrote, directed, produced, and even starred in this film. The movie evidently did make money (a million dollars, according to Hall Sr), so at least it wasn't a miserable result. As for the movie itself, that is a different story. Hall seems to have a very...peculiar face build, almost like a Halloween mask, though his persona seems to imitate Elvis...if Elvis was ditzy. The songs are at least legible, though not certainly noteworthy. Kiel is our caveman slash monster for the hour and a half, and while he doesn't say much, we at least get to see him...lick shaving cream. Whether you see this scene on MST3K or by yourself, you will pretty much have the same level of disgust, though (once again) I'd recommend the former. I watched simultaneously, to make sure I didn't miss any scenes I didn't see in the MST version...you aren't missing much. Actually, the segments by Joel and the bots are better than the movie, but let's not try to get too off topic here.

Hall Sr once said that "It was always sort of a subject of laughter that the darned thing did so well.", and that statement pretty much epitomes the movie very well, along with the dubbing that is apparent throughout the movie. The movie seems to just flow at a very subdued pace, without much regard for excitement or reality. The acting is about what you'd expect, in which there is no acting, casualness for a b-movie. It's strange to have Hall's dad play the father of his love interest...considering Hall Sr and Manning don't really have much chemistry for a father-daughter duo. If you like Bronson Canyon, you'll see it in the movie midway through, so that's a positive...I guess. The reason I don't give it a 0 is because at least the movie has some polish, as opposed to The Beast of Yucca Flats, but Eegah is right around the same level of bizarre film making of Manos: The Hands of Fate. If you want to see enthusiasm for their son that was channeled into a movie, I'd see it...preferably with the MST3K crew.

Lastly...watch out for snakes! (Actual line from the movie)

Overall, I give it 1 out of 10 stars.

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