October 31, 2015

Blood Feast.

Review #752: Blood Feast.

William Kerwin (Detective Pete Thornton), Mal Arnold (Fuad Ramses), Connie Mason (Suzette Fremont), Scott H. Hall (Frank, Police Captain), Lyn Bolton (Mrs. Dorothy Fremont), and Toni Calvert (Trudy Sanders) Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Well, there's a lot of blood in the movie, that's for sure. Often considered the first splatter film, Blood Feast was directed on a low budget and filmed in less than a month in Miami. The movie notably used gimmicks such as barf-bags and filing injunctions in counties to attract attention, which succeeded given that the movie reportedly made around four million dollars. Lewis said this about his film: "I've often referred to Blood Feast as a Walt Whitman poem. It's no good, but it was the first of its type." While I can't say much about Whitman, his description of the movie is mostly accurate. The acting and characterization are pretty much nonexistent, but I came to expect that from a movie that sure loves to showcase blood. The movie moves along quickly in the sense that you get to know who is the killer and why they are doing this in a short period of time. For me, the movie wasn't too disturbing, and I did appreciate the effort it took to make the movie look so...convincing, if you will. In one scene, they used a sheep tongue in one of the scenes as...you get the idea. Is the movie for everyone? Of course not. We may all have blood, but not all of us like seeing it, though for my money the movie is just fine. If you want something that's easy to find on the internet, or something to irk your friends (as opposed to how you usually irk your friends), this might be for you. I can't say it was a good movie due to the flaws, but I at least can recognize the movie for what it is and how it opened the gates for more movies with lots of blood. Happy Halloween.

Overall, I give it 6 out of 10 stars.

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