June 14, 2015

The Most Dangerous Game.

Review #709: The Most Dangerous Game.

Joel McCrea (Sanger "Bob" Rainsford), Fay Wray (Eve Trowbridge), Leslie Banks (Count Zaroff), Robert Armstrong (Martin Trowbridge), Noble Johnson (Ivan), Steve Clemente (Tartar), and Dutch Hendrian (Servant) Directed by Irving Pichel (#617 - Destination Moon) and Ernest B. Schoedsack (#283 - King Kong and #604 - Mighty Joe Young)

The movie was filmed on the jungle sets of King Kong, with Wray and Armstrong being used for both films, while filmed at night. Strangely enough, this movie managed to be finished first, though it being only barely an hour long in length sure helped. As for the movie, it's pretty good. It has a good atmosphere, and I attribute that mostly to the sets, which make the movie look really nice. McCrea does a good job as the lead, maybe because he just gels well in the short time he has, especially with Wray, who as usual is good at being both a lead and screaming in terror. Banks is a decent villain, he isn't too over the top, and he does do well in the action scenes. In total, the movie is fine mainly because it just gets going quick, even beginning with a ship wreck. I like how it seems there will be three survivors who will be the main focus...and then two of them suddenly get swept away. I guess it means to never assume you've survived a ship wreck, which isn't the worst lesson I've heard. Anyway, the movie is enjoyable and quick, and if you like 30's cinema or thriller movies, you'll like this one.

Overall, I give it 9 out of 10 stars.

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