March 30, 2015

Movie Night: The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

Review #699: The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

Leslie Nielsen (Lt. Frank Drebin), Priscilla Presley (Jane Spencer), Ricardo Montalbán (Vincent Ludwig), George Kennedy (Capt. Ed Hocken), O. J. Simpson (Det. Nordberg), Susan Beaubian (Wilma Nordberg), Nancy Marchand (Mayor Barkley), Raye Birk (Pahpshmir), and Jeannette Charles (Queen Elizabeth II) Directed by David Zucker (#664 - Airplane!)

Yes, we have come to the point of The Naked Gun. In a way, I feel proud of that fact, though I do wonder how it took so long for me to review it. In short, I was lazy. But hey, nobody's perfect, though this movie sure comes close to it. This movie will tickle your funny bone so much that you'll be on the floor with laughter calling for help. Yes, there are sight gags, but the movie's biggest strength is with Leslie Nielsen, who has the absolute best timing with any sort of gag. It's hard to pick a favorite scene, though the beginning scene (and the credits that go along with it) is hard to beat, especially with Nielsen at the wheel. Any scene with Nielsen and Presley is effective because it provides the movie with a nice blend of fun and humor, especially at the end of the movie. I was pleasantly surprised to see Ricardo Montalbán in this movie, and he does a pretty good job at basically playing a villain in a comedy movie, but it is fun to see him, especially because he does it so well. The supporting cast is right for the job, complimenting a movie that already has so much going for it. It's a movie that is over 25 years old, and that's usually the point where a movie starts to feel like fine wine, well versed and well aged. Go see the movie, it will be the best 85 minutes you could spend because the movie just lets you have fun.

Now then. There is a matter of the next review. It will be...the 700th. No spoilers here...yet.

Overall, I give it 9 out of 10 stars.

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