January 1, 2015

Movie Night: Tommy.

Review #687: Tommy.

Roger Daltrey (Tommy Walker), Oliver Reed (Frank Hobbs), Ann-Margret (Nora Walker), Elton John (The Pinball Wizard), Eric Clapton (The Preacher), Tina Turner (Acid Queen), Keith Moon (Uncle Ernie), Jack Nicholson (The Specialist), Paul Nicholas (Cousin Kevin), and Robert Powell (Captain Walker) Directed by Ken Russell.

After I saw the movie, I didn't know if I liked it, and if I did, how much. So I decided to listen to the rock opera of the same name the movie was based off of. I had already listened to Pinball Wizard beforehand, and I liked it. As for the rock opera itself...it's pretty awesome. The Overture is one of my favorite parts, right next to Pinball Wizard. Now then, the movie. It does take a few liberties with the opera (such as the period it is set in and the shuffling a few songs), and it has the actors sing the songs instead of album dubbing over them. Not only that, it's directed by Ken Russell, in his first time being reviewed on this show. So now you're wondering if I actually do like the movie, for all of its quirks. Yes, pretty much. It's about weird as is gets, but it is also really cool to watch along with being a weird and enjoyable movie. The movie is good looking to watch in all of its quirks and uniqueness, such as Elton John as the Pinball Wizard...in big boots. It may be odd to see Oliver Reed (or Jack Nicholson, for that matter) sing, but I find his way of singing the words out oddly effective. It just feels perfectly awkward enough in a role perfectly awkward. The songs are enjoyable, Margret and Daltrey are the most enjoyable and the most fun to watch. While it may take a while to get into this movie, once you're interested, it never lets go and it makes for good entertainment. There really isn't much of a supporting cast, more like cameos in one scene only, making it seem like a bunch of scenes compiled to make a movie. But I do enjoy Jack Nicholson and his strange stare, and I also enjoy Elton John as the Pinball Wizard, and his rendition of the song being just fine (both versions are good, so take your pick). The movie is what is: a weird, rambunctious, strange, occasionally thought-provoking, hypnotic, and rebellious movie. Both the opera and the movie are well made, so I would recommend both and keeping the opera in mind when watching this.  Welcome to 2015, everyone, now go play some pinball.

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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