December 21, 2014

Movie Night: Silent Night, Bloody Night.

Review #678: Silent Night, Bloody Night.

Patrick O'Neal (John Carter), James Patterson (Jeffrey Butler), Mary Woronov (Diane Adams), Astrid Heeren (Ingrid), John Carradine (Charlie Towman), Walter Abel (Mayor Adams), and Fran Stevens (Tess Howard) Directed by Theodore Gershuny.

Yes, I realize that the movie doesn't have much (if any) ties to Christmas. But hey, the title is a reference to a Christmas song and apparently it takes place on Christmas Eve, so there you go, you've got a Christmas review. That, and it should've been reviewed in October but is being reviewed now. This movie is in the public domain and easy to find, though the real question is should you watch it? Yes and no. What we have here is a weird, weird, weird movie, and the fact that it came out in the 70's only supports that fact. It figures that John Carradine is in this as well (take a drink of your favorite beverage folks), in a movie that also features former Warhol superstars (Heh, it took me 1,462 days to make an Andy Warhol reference). The actors are at least decent enough, trying to make this movie work even if sometimes it looks more like a stage production than a movie. At least it has some moments of chill to it, and the reveal on the killer is spooky...even if the mask (or whatever it is) that Butler wears is sort of silly. It's at least a passable movie that runs only about 90 minutes, and I guess it's the perfect movie for 70's fans, John Carradine lovers, people cynical of Christmas, and people who decided to review this movie with the stupidest explanation ever.

Overall, I give it 7 out of 10 stars.

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