December 20, 2014

Movie Night: Shock.

Review #676: Shock.

Vincent Price (Dr. Richard Cross), Lynn Bari (Elaine Jordan), Frank Latimore (Lt. Paul Stewart), Anabel Shaw (Janet Stewart), Stephen Dunne (Dr. Stevens), Reed Hadley (O'Neill), Renee Carson (Mrs. Hatfield), and Charles Trowbridge (Dr. Franklin Harvey) Directed by Alfred L. Werker.

I guess I'm shocked this show managed to get to its fourth year anniversary, so logically this movie makes sense for today's focus. It's a delight to review a film with Vincent Price in it, especially when it's a film noir. And hey, it's a 70 minute one, which I guess is a selling point if you want something quick and cheap (made on a budget of $350,000), but that would also work for fast food, so make up your mind on that one. The movie itself is fine, even if it is devoid of mystery. Really the movie is more about waiting for the characters to catch up to Price's schemes. Speaking of Price, he does a fine job; he doesn't just play an evil doctor, which is a good thing, he does a pretty good job portraying the complexities of his predicament. The other actors are fine, they don't overact their roles, though this is more a movie for Price to shine, even over the patient afflicted with shock (Anabel Shaw). It at least looks good to watch, and it has its moments, especially near the end, which manages to be pretty effective in suspense. For this film, anyway. Well I'm glad Movie Night still has new reviews after four years, and I do hope for more fun and entertaining films in the next year or so. Thank you.

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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