December 31, 2014

Movie Night on New Years Eve: In Like Flint.

Review #686: In Like Flint.

James Coburn (Derek Flint), Lee J. Cobb (Lloyd Cramden), Jean Hale (Lisa), Andrew Duggan (President Trent), Anna Lee (Elisabeth), Hanna Landy (Helena), Totty Ames (Simone), and Steve Ihnat (General Carter) Directed by Gordon Douglas.

Well, it's New Year's Eve once again, and I'm continuing my tradition of reviewing a movie on the date, like I've done for the last three years, which had reviews of Duck Soup (#085), Jailhouse Rock (#327), Spies Like Us (#513) & Our Man Flint (#514). As such, I'm reviewing the sequel to Our Man Flint, released a year later, reportedly the "favorite movie" of Austin Powers. And how is it? It's alright. To say that it's an okay sequel is the perfect statement for this movie, as it is just okay, nothing too awful or too great. Coburn is here again, though maybe it's just me, but he was a lot more interesting in the first movie, he had an exotic charm there, especially with all the tricks he did. Now it just seems more played down, though the part about dolphin speaking is funny. The movie has some decent action and some decent dialogue, but it feels like it goes on and on before it ends on a...high note, I suppose. It just doesn't have the same punch as Our Man Flint, though at least it is a strange little capsule for the late 60's, even if it was the last Flint film, as Coburn rejected an offer to star in a third film, ending the short run of Mr. Flint. But at least it was a good run, I suppose, so I'll be a bit generous with the rating.

Happy New Year to everyone around the world, as it is 2015 in some places of the world already, such as Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. It's going to be a weird year, filled with new movies, such as The Force Awakens, the Avengers sequel, the new Peanuts movie, Spectre, Antman, and the Cubs win the World Series (according to Back to the Future Part II, anyway. BTW, I'm reviewing the trilogy in the new year), so everyone get happy. Or not. I hope you liked this last review of what I call "Season 4", because the new "Season" will start tomorrow. Get ready for another year of reviews!

Overall, I give 6 out of 10 stars.

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