December 15, 2014

Movie Night: Grandma's Boy.

Review #674: Grandma's Boy.

Harold Lloyd (Grandma's Boy/ Grandfather), Mildred Davis (His Girl), Anna Townsend (Grandma), Dick Sutherland (The Rolling Stone), Charles Stevenson (His Rival / Union General), and Noah Young (Sheriff) Directed by Fred C. Newmeyer (#667 - The Freshman)

Yes, I am aware of the 8 day delay between reviews and that the month has had only two reviews. I'm doing a pretty terrible job on quantity, but I just hope the quality is at least good enough. Enjoy. Oh hey, another Harold Lloyd film, this being his second feature film (The first being A Sailor-Made Man), out of the 18 (or so, if you count compilation) films he did. The movie's structure is simple, but effective enough, the trope of the wimpy hero who overcomes his weaknesses is standard nowadays, but back then it was probably like Silly Putty, a fad that keeps going (and stops being a fad, I suppose) and going. The gags are pretty good; I like Lloyd and his character's look, it just seems like Lloyd could make a gag work even with just shoes and a cat. The movie is well-paced for 60 minutes, and it manages to be enjoyable, especially the last 20 minutes, which manage to be laughter-inducing, especially with the facial expressions by Lloyd and Sutherland. The movie built itself on gags and a pinch of story development, which make for a fine film.

Overall, I give it 10 out of 10 stars.

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