December 24, 2014

Movie Night: Christmas Evil.

Review #681: Christmas Evil.

Brandon Maggart (Harry Stadling), Jeffrey DeMunn (Philip Stadling), Dianne Hull (Jackie Stadling), Andy Fenwick (Dennis Stadling), Brian Neville (Marc Stadling), and Joe Jamrog (Frank Stoller) Directed by Lewis Jackson.

Yes, today is Christmas Eve. In the four years of this show, I've review four films on Christmas Eve (#018 - Die Hard with a Vengeance, #019 - For a Few Dollars More, #318 - The Santa Clause 2 and #506 - Bullitt), but this time I've picked a real winner, a horror/Christmas film called Christmas Evil (clever pun BTW). The movie is also known as You Better Watch Out and Terror in Toyland.'s pretty decent. For one thing, it takes its time before the killer starts his spree, though the first few minutes pretty much sets up everything...weirdly, but still. I guess a kid could go crazy they saw Santa groping their mother. See, the weirdness from the last review did latch onto this review. The reason it's not bad is because it manages to be interesting to watch Maggert's character evolve in terms of mood, and I like how much fun it has with itself. The actors are standard, but it doesn't matter due to the movie's strange charm. The ending has to be seen to be believed because it isn't what you would expect in a horror film. If you like horror films that don't exactly take themselves too seriously and have some fun, this is for you. I kinda like it, so call this a guilty pleasure, or a killer flick, if you will.

Overall, I give it 7 out of 10 stars.

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