December 22, 2014

Movie Night: Black Christmas (1974).

Review #679: Black Christmas.

Olivia Hussey (Jess), Keir Dullea (Peter), Margot Kidder (Barb), John Saxon (Lt. Fuller), Marian Waldman (Mrs. Mac), Andrea Martin (Phyllis), James Edmond (Mr. Harrison), Doug McGrath (Sergeant Nash), Art Hindle (Chris), and Lynne Griffin (Clare) Directed by Bob Clark (#020 - A Christmas Story)

Yes, the same Bob Clark who directed A Christmas Story (a movie that admittedly has its own weirdness to it) directed a movie called one of the first slasher films, Black Christmas. And hey, it's a "Christmas film" along with being a Canadian film as well. I guess surprises come in threes. But is the movie any good? Yea, I suppose so. This is a chilly little film that uses perspective from the killer and some pretty odd phone calls to make for a spooky little slasher film. The highlight for me though is Margot Kidder, who certainly seems like she's having a good time even if half of the time she is...inebriated. What is unique is the fact that the killer isn't revealed, not even at the end, as the movie ends ambiguously, all in part because Bob Clark decided to. The killer isn't really shown, but by using perspective and a voice (or two, probably), it makes for a creative way of delivering scares without having to adhere to the cliches too much. And hey, it's another movie with John Saxon, who as always is a rough but watchable authority figure. It's been 40 years since this film has been released, and it has had a remake but even now this film has a cult following and I can understand why. What we have here is a stellar movie that even inspired Halloween and Friday the 13th, which is like a sign of respect, I believe. Watch the movie, and then make sure to check the caller ID on your phone.

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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