November 29, 2014

Movie Night: The Night the World Exploded.

Review #671: The Night the World Exploded.

Kathryn Grant (Laura Hutchinson), William Leslie (Dr. David Conway), Tristram Coffin (Dr. Ellis Morton), Raymond Greenleaf (Gov. Chaney), Charles Evans (Gen. Bortes), and Frank J. Scannell (Sheriff Quinn) Directed by Fred F. Sears (#255 - The Giant Claw and #265 - Earth vs. the Flying Saucers)

When it comes to attractive titles for films that get your eye, this is the key attraction. Just include the word "explode", "invade", "mutant" or "space" in the title, and there you go, you've got a 50's sci-fi movie. But at least the plot is normal enough, with some imagination put into the way the world...almost explodes. I guess it does explode in the sense that earthquakes keep popping up. Of course "The Night the World Had Earthquakes" is a little long, so there you go. The actors are passable, they don't overact (which is good), and at times Grant and Leslie do have some good chemistry together. The movie is at least entertaining and it only lasts about an hour, which really makes it less risky to watch. I mean, if it was over two and a half hours long and had polarizing reception, I'd worry a bit (I think you know what film I'm referencing). Take the movie for what it is: (possibly) classic time spending fun.

Overall, I give it 6 out of 10 stars.

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