November 27, 2014

Movie Night: Home Sweet Home.

Review #669: Home Sweet Home.

Jake Steinfeld (Killer), Vinessa Shaw (Angel Bradley), Peter De Paula (Mistake Bradley), Don Edmonds (Harold Bradley), Charles Hoyes (Wayne), David Mielke (Scott), Leia Naron (Gail), and Lisa Rodríguez (Maria) Directed by Nettie Peña.

Yes, a Thanksgiving horror film. Why? Because why not. After all, what better way to be thankful for stuff (and a stomachache from the food) than a slasher movie with a bunch of unknown actors? But hey, holiday themed horror films aren't that new, with Christmas and Halloween being the big focus (Leprechaun, and April Fool's Day notwithstanding), and I'm sure that I'll come across them again soon. But let's get back to this film, and its...slasher villain. It seems the makers of this film thought you could make a villain who just laughs. Steinfeld at least looks strong and muscular (here's a strange fact, he is a fitness advocate and the founder of the National Lacrosse League) for the part, but his laughing all throughout makes me laugh more than be scared. The characters are just what they are, characters slated to die. Here we've got our characters who romance each other, the kid character, and lastly the comic relief character, who has a guitar this time. And yes, his name is actually Mistake. I can think of one other name that sounds worse, and that name is Practice. The movie is at least quick with the deaths, though when your movie last 83 minutes (which seems short even for horror films), you kinda have to. What I'm disappointed in most is the lack of turkey. Heck, I wish the villain was a giant turkey (or someone dressed up as it), because then I could make turkey puns. But I'll just have to settle with Eli Roth's "Thanksgiving" trailer from Grindhouse instead. The story is thin, and to be honest I have no idea why the killer went to the Bradley house, but I can't really stress over it, I have other Thanksgiving stuff to deal with. Have a great day everyone, and enjoy the food (cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, biscuits, biscuits with turkey in the middle, etc.), and the family too.

Overall, I give it 3 out of 10 stars.

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