November 26, 2014

Movie Night: Cat-Women of the Moon.

Review #668: Cat-Women of the Moon.

Sonny Tufts (Laird Grainger), Victor Jory (Kip Reissner), Marie Windsor (Helen Salinger), William Phipps (Doug Smith), Douglas Fowley (Walt Walters), Carol Brewster (Alpha), and Suzanne Alexander (Beta) Directed by Arthur Hilton.

You're probably wondering if the Cat-Women in the title have tales or do anything cat-like. Sadly, no, which means I can't do any effective cat puns, which would've been fun, especially during the fights (a cat fight, you might say *rim shot*). But that aside, what we have here is a sci-fi flick from the 50's that apparently had such a good story that it would be remade five years later with Missile to the Moon. Is it any good though? With 50's flicks, you could be entertained in a variety of ways, even if the movie isn't that good. Heck, the fact that these Cat-Women are the last of their civilization is sort of creative. The rubber spider on the other hand makes me giggle. The acting is fine (William Phipps is in it, more notable for his work as Prince Charming in Cinderella - #373), they certainly carry their lines well enough. The movie isn't bad, it's pretty passable. You could do better (or worse, if that's your preference) with this time of month, and I know my picks for the rest of the month (and the month I love most) will probably be better (and worse) than this, but as someone once said, it is what it is.

Overall, I give it 6 out of 10 stars.

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