October 25, 2014

Movie Night: The Screaming Skull.

Review #654: The Screaming Skull.

John Hudson (Eric Whitlock), Peggy Webber (Jenni Whitlock), Russ Conway (Edward Snow), Tony Johnson (Mrs. Snow), and Alex Nicol (Mickey) Directed by Alex Nicol.

Like I said back in the last review, the title says all you need to know about the movie. Actually, wait a moment, the opening scene telling people that the climax of the movie may actually kill them while offering free funeral processions is the icing on the cake. I was not aware that skulls could scream, so that's something to know, I guess. To say this movie is silly is an understatement. It actually does have some good laughs in it, the idea that a skull apparently terrorizes a couple and just randomly shows up is pretty quirky. Yes, the skull screams, though that's actually more amusing to type out then to watch. My favorite part is when the skull is superimposed onto the screen, as if making larger makes it terrifying, which is then followed by the skull...biting someone's neck. To be fair, at least the film tries its hardest to be spooky, and it does flow pretty well for a movie that last barely an hour. The film was directed by Alex Nicol, who also stars in the film as well, and he was apparently happy with the result: "I liked it; it had some nice dolly shots, a good atmosphere. So I was happy with that; it was a nice change from the films I'd been doing." Is it nice that even in a silly 50s film like this, there is at least one person who had fun while doing it, and had fun doing it for the production sake as well. The only reason to see the movie? For Spook-tober, obviously. But oh well.

Overall, I give it 4 out of 10 stars.

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