October 16, 2014

Movie Night: The Ghost Breakers.

Review #650: The Ghost Breakers.

Bob Hope (Larry Lawrence), Paulette Goddard (Mary Carter), Richard Carlson (Geoff Montgomery), Paul Lukas (Parada), Willie Best (Alex), Pedro de Cordoba (Havez), Virginia Brissac (Mother Zombie), Noble Johnson (The Zombie), and Anthony Quinn (Ramon Mederes/Francisco Mederes) Directed by George Marshall.

The Ghost Breakers isn't exactly a horror film, it's a comedy-horror mix, but it fits into the context of this month, and I get to rectify a long running mistake: Not reviewing a film with Bob Hope in the main cast. It's weird how it took almost four years to do this given Hope had a long running career with over 50 films in a span of 40 years not counting cameo roles. But anyway, this is a movie that even has zombies in it, and guys who play dual roles, this could very well have been a drama, though the movie had been made two times before in the silent era, so who knows? The actors are pretty good conveying spooks and decent enough comedic timing, Hope is probably the best  part of the movie, right next to the cinematography by Charles B. Lang, along with some really fine camera shots that make the movie at least have some chilliness to it. The movie is short at about 83 minutes, but it moves at a good pace and it manages to not overstay or under stay its welcome. Goddard does a pretty good job being the lead next to Hope, she even gets in a few fun lines, and her and Hope share a good rapport in this film, which is a plus. The movie is enjoyable enough and sweet enough to work as a film to watch if it's on or a rental, especially for this month.

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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