October 23, 2014

Movie Night: The Brain That Wouldn't Die.

Review #653: The Brain That Wouldn't Die.

Jason Evers (Dr. Bill Cortner), Virginia Leith (Jan Compton), Leslie Daniels (Kurt), Adele Lamont (Doris Powell), and Eddie Carmel (Monster) Directed by Joseph Green.

To say this movie has no hope of being good is an understatement. The movie's title says all you need to know about the movie , I guess that's a positive given that it lures you in, especially for October. Our stars are more like shooting stars, they fade away from our consciousness after about five minutes. So yeah, a brain that wouldn't die. The movie feels like it should be called "The Head that Wouldn't Die", which is apparently what the title card at the end called it. Yes, even the end credits disagree with the rest of the movie. Now I may be getting a-head of myself here, but the movie is an ultimate headache. Brain games aside, this a movie that I guess goes pretty quickly. When it comes to this movie, it's either watching the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version or the actual movie. Even if you've never heard of the MST3K rendition, it still sounds better than this film. I kept wondering throughout the film who I was supposed to hate more, Evers of Leith's character. By the time you get into an hour in the film, you just stop caring and just wish the movie would end quicker. You're probably wondering (or not) how a head can talk at all or breathe. It's explained through the magic of mad science, of course, what else. I'd say the movie feels tired, but even I'm tired, it's hard to care about a movie that doesn't even care about itself. You'd be better off making head puns, which is actually one "head" of an idea. See what I mean?

Overall, I give it 3 out of 10 stars.

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