October 30, 2014

Movie Night: Invasion of the Saucer Men.

Review #656: Invasion of the Saucer Men.

Steven Terrell (Johnny Carter), Gloria Castillo (Joan Hayden), Frank Gorshin (Joe Gruen), Raymond Hatton (Farmer Larkin), Lyn Osborn (Artie Burns), Russ Bender (Doctor), Douglas Henderson (Lt. Wilkins), and Sam Buffington (Col. Ambrose) Directed by Edward L. Cahn (#331 - It! The Terror from Beyond Space and #560 - Experiment Alcatraz)

Monster movies with comedy induced into is nothing new, and it especially carried over in the 50's, with this being one of them. It figures that this would be the last film reviewed for October, I know the month's output wasn't exactly great, but at least I'm ending it on...a high note? The movie's credits are imposed onto a book with comical illustrations...which is actually pretty nifty, given the movie's comical tone. The effects are not too bad, the alien has a big head with googly eyes, it actually fits the tone the movie is going for, which is a really silly one. The movie may have its cliches (older people not believing the young people's claims of alien/monsters, a trope I only like in movies when the elders finally see the monster/aliens), but it is what is, an alien movie with some comedy sprinkled into it. It has a quick pace, 69 minutes to tell a story that takes place in one day, with a few characters along the way. Frank Gorshin, known mostly for portraying the Riddler in the classic Batman TV series is in it, for a few minutes, but he is noteworthy. The rest of the characters are stock, but they do their jobs just fine, and they are entertaining. The movie is entertaining, easy to watch, and just has fun, which makes it really hard to hate the movie. I'll be generous for the rating because why not.

Happy Halloween.

Overall, I give it 7 out of 10 stars.

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