August 12, 2014

Movie Night: What Dreams May Come.

Review #627: What Dreams May Come.

Robin Williams (Christopher Nielsen), Cuba Gooding, Jr. (Albert Lewis), Annabella Sciorra (Annie Collins-Nielsen), Max von Sydow (The Tracker), Jessica Brooks Grant (Marie Nielsen), Josh Paddock (Ian Nielsen), Rosalind Chao (Leona), and Lucinda Jenney (Mrs. Jacobs) Directed by Vincent Ward.

This is a personal review for me, but I do imagine this film can be personal for others as well. My father had bought the DVD for this film about a few years ago, my father loved buying movies (especially Westerns), he was probably the reason I watched movies, with or without him, in fact this show started with a film he bought, I still wonder what he would think of this show if he were still here today. Why I am telling this story, you ask? Because sometimes telling a story helps when dealing with someone else's death, in this case the recent death of Robin Williams yesterday. I won't talk about that because honestly that's too sad to talk about, especially in the middle of a review of one of his movies. What Dreams May Come sometimes feels more like an experience than a movie, it sometimes feels like a movie that shows you the essence of one's dreams, showing us beauty with the paintings. The effects for this movie are really beautiful to watch, they capture the essence of imagination, and it works especially in a film like this. The acting is well done, especially by Williams, who was a good comedian, but he also could be really skilled at portraying dramatic characters, especially this one. The story is somewhat assembled weirdly, but at least the movie is enjoyable, and it all stems from the wonderful cast (Gooding is also fun to watch) and the effects. This is a bittersweet review; the movie is good, though I found myself tearing up a bit inside, the movie has its moments of struggle, and given Williams' death, it's amplified here. My father probably liked this film, and I imagine he also had a good time with it as well. No matter what project Williams was in, he always managed to make us smile.

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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