July 1, 2014

Movie Night: Tomorrow Never Comes.

Review #608: Tomorrow Never Comes.

Oliver Reed (Jim Wilson), Susan George (Janie), Raymond Burr (Burke), John Ireland (Captain), Stephen McHattie (Frank), Donald Pleasence (Dr. Todd), Paul Koslo (Willy), John Osborne (Robert L. Lyne), Cec Linder (Milton), and Richard Donat (Ray) Directed by Peter Collinson.

One of my favorite scenes from this movie is when Oliver Reed's character randomly asks for a table and some beer in the middle of a hostage situation, and at one point, he's just sitting in the shade, taking his time as tourists watch him. I don't know why, but it's just hilarious, maybe it's the random nature of the scene, or the fact that Reed's just sitting there outside as a hostage situation goes on. Anyway, this is the second part of the Canadian double feature, and this was a Canadian-UK production, with a few Canadian actors (Burr, Ireland, McHattie) and a few British actors (Reed, George, Pleasence), in the cast, along with a rare acting appearance by playwright John Osborne. The movie was at filmed in Quebec (Go Nordiques!...eventually), with the majority of the movie taking place in a hotel, or near a hotel for that matter. The movie has its moments of tension and actual suspense, and the real fun is wondering what will happen next, or who'll appear next. I was actually surprised Pleasence was in this movie, but he is, briefly and he is at least entertaining. Reed is fun to watch, he looks like a kid who didn't get a toy he wanted 40 years ago and just remembered the even, especially with those glasses, but I'm the last person who should make jokes about wearing glasses. He is enjoyable though, and the rest of the cast (save for Paul Koslo, who comes off as a thrill seeking dunce are effective, especially McHattie, who is good at delivering tension. The movie is well made, and surprisingly dark especially at the end, but it is overall a good movie that is recommended for a day like this. Happy Canada Day, northern neighbor,

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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