July 20, 2014

Movie Night: Rocketship X-M.

Review #618: Rocketship X-M.

Lloyd Bridges (Col. Floyd Graham), Osa Massen (Dr. Lisa Van Horn), John Emery (Dr. Karl Eckstrom), Noah Beery, Jr. (Maj. William Corrigan), Hugh O'Brian (Harry Chamberlain), and Morris Ankrum (Dr. Ralph Fleming) Directed by Kurt Neumann.

Rocketship X-M was rushed into production after Destination Moon had production delays. This was made on a $95,000 budget, shot in 18 days, and released only 25 days before Destination Moon, with Lloyd Bridges heading the cast. So how is the movie? It's okay. It's evident that it's slightly rushed, and while the effects are just alright, at least the film manages to be passable. The cast is alright, Bridges is the best aspect of the movie, he just has a certain charm to him that's practically magnetic. The story is fine, even if it's rushed, the movie just feels like a breeze, it's surprising when you get through 30 minutes because it doesn't feel like 30 minutes has passed. It is what is, a sci-fi flick that goes fast and has a few quirks (who brings weapons on a trip to Mars?), but it is okay and easy to watch, though I'd stick to Destination Moon for its better quality. Take this for what it's worth, a sci-fi breeze.

Overall, I give it 7 out of 10 stars.

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