July 25, 2014

Movie Night: Lust for Life.

Review #620: Lust for Life.

Kirk Douglas (Vincent van Gogh), Anthony Quinn (Paul Gauguin), James Donald (Theo van Gogh), Pamela Brown (Christine), Everett Sloane (Dr. Gachet), Henry Daniell (Theodorus van Gogh), Madge Kennedy (Anna Cornelia van Gogh), Noel Purcell (Anton Mauve), and Niall MacGinnis (Roulin) Directed by Vincente Minnelli (#405 - The Reluctant Debutante and #510 - Father of the Bride)

Vincent Willem van Gogh was a very talented painter who suffered a very tormented life, he painted many things, but he didn't have much success until after his death. There have been a few movies based off his life (and one episode of a certain television show revolving around one of his paintings...Alright, I admit, "Vincent and the Doctor" was a fine episode, go watch it.), but we're (I mean me, but let's just say 'we' to make you readers feel like you're involved in this review, if you don't feel like you are already) focusing on the 1956 version with Kirk Douglas, who does looks like Gogh, especially with his red flowing hair, and he delivers a really great performance, you empathize with this poor guy, and even watching Douglas painting is fun to observe. Anthony Quinn doesn't has much screen time, but he certainly does leave an impression on you, which is good and all; honestly I was surprised he won an Oscar for this role, it takes an hour for him to appear, even Donald is seen first, but oh well. Lust for Life lists credit to the various galleries (along with collectors) that allowed the works of Gogh to be photographed for the film, and it helps the film with its artistic edge, it makes the movie more colorful and it just shows the genius that was Vincent van Gogh. This is a powerful movie that is sometimes slow, but mostly cool to watch, especially with its paintings, seriously, go google Vincent van Gogh (or go to an art museum), and look at the colorful and vividness of his paintings, they are magical, just like the film.

Overall, I give it 9 out of 10 stars.

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