July 1, 2014

Movie Night: Back to God's Country.

Review #607: Back to God's Country.

Nell Shipman (Dolores LeBeau), Charles Arling ('Sealskin' Blake), Wheeler Oakman (Peter Burke), Wellington A. Playter (Captain Rydal), and Roy Laidlaw (Baptiste LeBeau) Directed by David Hartford.

There are many notable people from Canada I didn't cover last year, such as Norma Shearer, Donald Sutherland, Seth Rogen, Dan Aykroyd (whose birthday is today), Michael J. Fox and even William Shatner, and so in honor of our neighbor from the north, I'm reviewing two movies having to do with Canada. The first is this film, the second oldest movie ever reviewed on this show, released nearly 95 years ago, and one of the earliest Canadian features, and the most successful silent film in Canada's history. Shipman help write the film (which was already adapted from a short story by James Oliver Curwood), and she stars in it as well. The movie lasts about 72 minutes, so it's a breeze to get through, and though the plot may be somewhat paper thin, it at least is enjoyable to watch, though a little music would have helped. The blue tint for night is good looking, and the scenery is nice, the cold near wasteland is fine for a film like this. Shipman is a fine hero to watch, and the rest of the cast is decent, this is overall a decent movie that while starting slow, does manage to entertain, and on Canada Day, I guess that's all that matters. The next film will be Tomorrow Never Comes, stay tuned, as it will be posted in a few hours. Go...Blue Jays?

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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