June 30, 2014

Movie Night: True Lies.

Review #606: True Lies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Harry Tasker), Jamie Lee Curtis (Helen Tasker), Tom Arnold (Albert Gibson), Bill Paxton (Simon), Tia Carrere (Juno Skinner), Art Malik (Salim Abu Aziz), Eliza Dushku (Dana Tasker), Grant Heslov (Faisal), and Charlton Heston (Spencer Trilby) Directed by James Cameron (#001 - Terminator 2: Judgement Day, #063 - The Terminator, #388 - Avatar, and #574 - Aliens)

It figures we end the month on Schwarzenegger, and it's no coincidence that in two weeks this movie will celebrate its 20th anniversary. True Lies is a good action film, but also a decent comedy film, and part of the fun delivered is from Schwarzenegger, who as always is effective at delivering one-liners, and he is generally fun to watch. This is actually a remake of a French film, named La Totale!, but I haven't seen it, so it barely matters in context. Curtis is enjoyable, she doesn't have a bad scene in the whole movie, and it's fun watching her, along with Schwarzenegger. It's sort of strange watching Tom Arnold in this movie (whether you've watched Roseanne or not), and he does provide some hilarity, so he's alright, though it still doesn't make me want to watch The Stupids. Paxton is noteworthy, and amusing as a faux spy. The villain isn't really anything special, but Malik does at least try to make something out of it, and him trying to deliver a speech as the camera battery runs out is mildly hilarious. The action is fun, it's enjoyable and certainly satisfying. Cameron knows what he's doing with this film, trying to balance the action with some drama/comedy, and it works just right. Tomorrow, we begin July off with Canada.

Overall, I give it 9 out of 10 stars.

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