June 6, 2014

Movie Night: Top Secret!

Review #585: Top Secret!

Val Kilmer (Nick Rivers), Lucy Gutteridge (Hillary Flammond), Christopher Villiers (Nigel), Jeremy Kemp (General Streck), Omar Sharif (Agent Cedric), Peter Cushing (Bookstore Proprietor), Michael Gough (Dr. Paul Flammond), and Warren Clarke (Colonel von Horst) Directed by Jim Abrahams (#028 - Hot Shots! and #375 - Hot Shots! Part Deux), David Zucker, and Jerry Zucker.

This is the first film reviewed on this show directed by the famed ZAZ trio (though I've reviewed two films of one of the three already), who are more well known for directing Airplane! and The Naked Gun. So how does this film hold up? If you love sight gags and love a dose of charm with an exceptional cast that's not too long, you'll love this film. Val Kilmer meshes well with the cast and he also seems to be a decent singer as well, the rest of the cast is certainly memorable (especially Omar Sharif, whose last scene consists of him being stuck in a crushed car...and surviving), and it is nice to see Gough and Cushing, even if it is brief. The sight gags are fun and brief, and this is a movie that is entertaining enough to last 90 minutes, which is perfectly fine for a Friday night on Summer break.

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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