June 18, 2014

Movie Night: Random Harvest.

Review #596: Random Harvest.

Ronald Colman (Charles Rainier), Greer Garson (Paula Ridgeway/Margaret Hanson), Philip Dorn (Dr. Jonathan Benet), Susan Peters (Kitty Chilcet), Henry Travers (Dr. Sims), Reginald Owen (Biffer), Bramwell Fletcher (Harrison), Rhys Williams (Sam), Una O'Connor (Shopkeeper), Aubrey Mather (Sheldon), and Margaret Wycherly (Mrs. Deventer) Directed by Mervyn LeRoy.

Romantic films can be many things, they can be pleasant to watch and joyful, or they can be unbearable to watch. This film falls into the first category. Colman and Garson are an excellent duo, and they pair off well each other, they are just perfectly cast, and Colman does a great subdued performance. The supporting cast is fun to watch, even Una O'Connor (evidently she hams it up only in horror films), Reginald Owen is a charm to watch, it's just fun to watch the interactions between everyone. The plot is well crafted, a treat to appreciate. This is a neat little movie practically wrapped in gold paper. This movie is good enough to even be shown on TCM on Tuesday night, picked by none other than guest programmer Gene Wilder (squee!), and I can see why he picked it. It's a good flick to watch, even in summer, I suppose.

Overall, I give it 9 out of 10 stars.

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