June 24, 2014

Movie Night: The Kid.

Review #599: The Kid.

Charlie Chaplin (The Tramp), Jackie Coogan (The Kid), Edna Purviance (The Mother), Carl Miller (The Father), Tom Wilson (The Policeman), and Henry Bergman (Night Shelter Keeper / Professor Guido) Directed by Charlie Chaplin (#353 - Monsieur Verdoux)

This is one of the oldest films reviewed on this show (With only #435 - Mickey and #261 - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari being older), and it's only fitting that it's one with Charlie Chaplin. He starred in, edited, wrote and directed this movie (later composing the music in a re-release fifty years later at 82!), which shows his talent reaches just beyond being a Tramp. Chaplin especially shows his worth in this film, which is not only a funny movie but also a very good drama. The movie has a fine balance, but an even better cast. Chaplin and Coogan mesh perfect together, they work as a team in both being clever window helpers but also as father and son (of sorts). Coogan (known to many for being the original Uncle Fester) was only six, and he still shines in this film, he certainly shows much emotion is those beady eyes. The movie has many moments of hilarity, such as when the Tramp "fights" a bully, or (my favorite) when the Tramp enters Dreamland. The drama in the movie makes an already good film into a great one, especially when the two are reunited after a rooftop chase. The Tramp is an endearing figure who is always entertaining, along with being a lovable character. This is a silent film I wholly recommend to everyone looking for a good laugh...or a tear.

Overall, I give it 10 out of 10 stars.

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