March 10, 2014

Movie Night: Strangers on a Train.

Review #553: Strangers on a Train.

Farley Granger (Guy Haines), Ruth Roman (Anne Morton), Robert Walker (Bruno Anthony), Leo G. Carroll (Senator Morton), Patricia Hitchcock (Barbara Morton), Laura Elliott (Miriam Joyce Haines), Marion Lorne (Mrs. Anthony), Jonathan Hale (Mr. Anthony), Norma Varden (Mrs. Cunningham), and John Brown (Professor Collins) Directed by Alfred Hitchcock (#219 - Rope, #223 - North by Northwest, #446 - Spellbound, #447 - Psycho, #450 - Vertigo, and #455 - Rear Window)

Once again I'm covering a Hitchcock film, which by this point in my show, has become a recurring theme. But Hitchcock once again entertains and shows his worth as a master of cinema. The movie has many tense moments, but the one moment many (including myself) remember is the scene where Walker's character strangles Elliot's, with the murder being seen through a reflection of Elliot's glasses, a unusual shot, but unique. The actors are excellent, Granger and Walker work well together, they play off well with each other and Roman, also Walker (who would sadly die two months after this film was released) is entertaining to watch interact with everyone. The fight scene at the end is excellent, it's fast paced (literally), it's mostly devoid of dialogue, and it manages to deliver suspense. This is a really excellent movie with many excellent scenes.

Overall, I give it 9 out of 10 stars.

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