February 24, 2014

Movie Night: Predator 2.

Review #548: Predator 2.

Danny Glover (Mike Harrigan), Kevin Peter Hall (The Predator), Gary Busey (Peter Keyes), Ruben Blades (Danny Archuleta), María Conchita Alonso (Leona Cantrell), Bill Paxton (Jerry Lambert), and Robert Davi (Phil Heinemann) Directed by Stephen Hopkins.

The first Predator was a fun action packed thriller that had a good setting, fun atmosphere that soon changes, and good action sequences. Then came the sequel. No Arnold Schwarzenegger, no jungle setting, the only thing linking the two is Kevin Peter Hall as the Predator. But at least Danny Glover tries his best, he certainly is an entertaining person to watch in a movie as mediocre as this. It's hard to define the biggest problem of the movie. Is it the okay action? The non memorable characters? The idea to move the Predator to the city? It's probably all three, given that while the movie doesn't do anything too awful, it also doesn't do anything good either. At least Hall does a good performance in the suit, though Busey is probably more entertaining with his interactions with Glover. The rest of the cast isn't bad, Paxton is mildly entertaining. While the movie could've been much worse, it isn't that bad, and if you want to skip it over for Predators, you're not missing too much, I suppose.

Overall, I give it 5 out of 10 stars.

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