February 6, 2014

Movie Night: A Bug's Life.

Review #539: A Bug's Life.

Dave Foley (Flik), Kevin Spacey (Hopper), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Princess Atta), Hayden Panettiere (Princess Dot), Phyllis Diller (the Queen), Richard Kind (Molt), David Hyde Pierce (Slim), Joe Ranft (Heimlich), Denis Leary (Francis), Jonathan Harris (Manny), Madeline Kahn (Gypsy), Bonnie Hunt (Rosie), Mike McShane (Tuck and Roll), John Ratzenberger (P. T. Flea), and Brad Garrett (Dim) Directed by John Lasseter (#440 - Toy Story and #441 - Toy Story 2)

Comparisons to Antz (#254) aside, A Bug's Life is a fairly decent film to watch with everyone. Is is better than Antz? That depends on what exactly you want. Antz seems to spring to darker themes, but is still a decent flick that works for the most part. A Bug's Life seems to be more bright, but it also has a charm to it, it may not be the best Pixar film, but like other Pixar films, it leaves an impression on you, it's a film that is certainly entertaining. The cast is good, Foley works well, eccentric, but he does a good job. The rest of the cast is good, Spacey is a fine villain, and the cast interacts well with each other. The animation is good (The fact this was made only 16 years ago makes me feel slightly older), and the movie is certainly entertaining enough. So yeah, don't pick Antz or A Bug's Life, pick both movies, and take this film for what it's worth.

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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