December 31, 2013

Movie Night: Our Man Flint.

Review #514: Our Man Flint.

James Coburn (Derek Flint), Gila Golan (Gila), Lee J. Cobb (Lloyd Cramden), Edward Mulhare (Malcolm Rodney), Rhys Williams (Doctor Krupov), Peter Brocco (Doctor Wu), Benson Fong (Doctor Schneider), and Michael St. Clair (Hans Gruber) Directed by Daniel Mann.

James Coburn certainly looks the part, he's tall, suave, and cool, and he seems to mesh well with everyone. The film attempts to parody James Bond (There were a few parodies like Get Smart and films released to get in on the spy craze, such as The Silencers, with Dean Martin), and it does so rather successfully, and this was years before Austin Powers tried to do this (That film series would later use the telephone ring tone from this film), and Coburn is interesting to watch, and Lee J. Cobb also has his moments, especially when trying to comprehend all of this madness. The story isn't bad and the comedy has its moments (I like that the acronym for the organization Flint works for is ZOWIE), it's a film that also seems to showcase its locations, rather quite well. It may be debatable on if this is any better then Austin Powers, nut what's not debatable is that this is a fun film that is certainly the best way to end the year. Happy New Years to all, and I will see you in 2014.

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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