December 21, 2013

Movie Night: Man of the House.

Review #502: Man of the House.

Tommy Lee Jones (Roland Sharp), Vanessa Ferlito (Heather), Monica Keena (Evie), Kelli Garner (Barb), Christina Milian (Anne), Paula Garcés (Teresa), Anne Archer (Molly McCarthy), and Cedric the Entertainer (Percy Stevens) Directed by Stephen Herek.

I like Tommy Lee Jones, he's a good actor who can be serious (#202 - Volcano, #176 - The Fugitive), but he also has a side for comedy, whether unintentionally (#217 - Batman Forever), or his own way of pairing well with Will Smith (#211 - Men in Black and #212 - Men in Black II), and for once, Jones has a whole cast to deal with. But is it any good? I'd best stick to (#097) Small Soldiers, if I were you. It's not the cast that brings the film down, it's just the cliches that bog an okay idea to begin with. It feels like the film has a checklist of cliches to fulfill: Quirky cheerleaders? Check. Stoic character who warms up to everyone over time? Check. College comedy? Check. Texas pride and Longhorn references? Check. The film itself is okay, but this isn't anything too special. If you like Tommy Lee Jones, it might work alright, but even so, that isn't much to go on, but oh well.

Overall, I give it 4 out of 10 stars.

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