November 27, 2013

Movie Night: Twins.

Review #487: Twins.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Julius Benedict), Danny DeVito (Vincent Benedict), Kelly Preston (Marnie Mason), Chloe Webb (Linda Mason), Bonnie Bartlett (Mary Ann Benedict), David Caruso (Al Greco), Trey Wilson (Beetroot McKinley), Marvin J. McIntyre (McKinley's man), Marshall Bell (Mr. Webster), and Tony Jay (Professor Werner) Directed by Ivan Reitman (#026 - Ghostbusters and #031 - Ghostbusters II)

I'm sure this idea seemed great at the writers' room, but the film itself is only okay at best. Schwarzenegger is effectively, even if he is playing a naive twin...who can certainly pull one, if not two punches. Danny DeVito is alright, and while the two doesn't always pair off each other particularly well, they at least make an effort. The film sometimes is funny, but other times it feels like just a film without a purpose, first it wants to be a drama about genetics, then it wants to be a comedy, this film cant decide on what it wants to be any more then a kid on what sport to play, so it's a mismatch of ideas. At least Kelly Preston is good, and has good chemistry with Schwarzenegger, more then Webb and DeVito, but that's just me. There's this other part involving delivering a car part or something, which almost comes out of left field, but other then that, Reitman either couldn't make the idea really funny, or he just gave up. But hey, it's not like they're trying to make a sequel 25 years later or something...Oh, right, they are. It is about as likely as the chance of Ghostbusters 3 ever coming in my lifetime, but oh well.

Overall, I give it 6 out of 10 stars.

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