November 24, 2013

Movie Night: Plymouth Adventure.

Review #484: Plymouth Adventure.

Spencer Tracy (Christopher Jones), Gene Tierney (Dorothy Bradford), Van Johnson (John Alden), Leo Genn (William Bradford), Barry Jones (William Brewster), Dawn Addams (Priscilla Mullins), Lloyd Bridges (First Mate Coppin), Noel Drayton (Miles Standish), John Dehner (Gilbert Winslow), Tommy Ivo (William Button), and Lowell Gilmore (Edward Winslow) Directed by Clarence Brown (#423 - A Woman of Affairs and #433 - Angels in the Outfield)

In light of Thanksgiving, I decided to review this film, as I get to talk about Spencer Tracy once again (Along with mention this being Clarence Brown's last film, who directed films for five decades), which is usually fun. okay. The effects are good for the time, and the model of the Mayflower isn't too shabby. The actors are alright, they certainly do look good in the costumes and Spencer Tracy is alright, though for some reason he looks better in black and white then in color, but that's just me. I'm not entirely sure on the film's accuracy, but at least it doesn't look like it takes severe liberty with the history. The film isn't that entirely interesting on its own, and that may be the reason this was a minor failure when first released, as it didn't recoup the budget. But if you want some sort of way to not have to read books about the Plymouth Adventure (which is a bizarre title to begin with, even for a movie), this sadly might work. That....or read books, as Movie Night (mostly) recommends reading a book at least once in a lifetime.

Overall, I give it 6 out of 10 stars.

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