November 12, 2013

Movie Night: The Party (1968).

Review #481: The Party.

Peter Sellers (Hrundi V. Bakshi), Claudine Longet (Michele Monet), Natalia Borisova (Ballerina), Jean Carson (Nanny), Marge Champion (Rosalind Dunphy), Al Checco (Bernard Stein), Corinne Cole (Janice Kane), Dick Crockett (Wells), Frances Davis (The Maid), and Danielle De Metz (Stella D'Angelo) Directed by Blake Edwards (#329 - The Pink Panther)

The Party is probably one of the more ambitious comedies ever made, with about 35% plot, yet 110% gags, with Peter Sellers, who never seems to miss a beat, with everything combining into a bizarre, but funny, film. Sellers is odd, but given his bumbling performance in The Pink Panther, Sellers seems to play bumbling fools particularly well, especially when the film around him serves to show off his talent, but even the rest of the cast are fun to watch, especially given the fact their are so many characters in this film, and so many things for them all to do. The gags are endless, but they sure are memorable, especially near the end, which are too fun to spoil here. Edwards does a fine job directing such an elaborate film, which is evident in the house, a huge set, given the pools in and out of the house, and the many, many rooms, which serve to set up the gags, and for that I applaud Edwards. It's a mostly memorable film that will entertain most, if not all.

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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